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The Traxgo platform is an application developed by Traxgo that allows you to:

Traxgo track n Trace - Track and trace software to visualize your tracking information

  1. Track your vehicles, machines and equipment
  2. Manage time recording and Checkinatwork
  3. Monitor various data such as liquid level, tyre pressure, temperature, mileage, operating hours, etc.

The Traxgo platform offers you the following advantages:

  • View your vehicles on a map. In this way, you are always aware of the exact location of your field employees
  • Set up the alarm and/or the exits. For example, engine immobiliser, etc.
  • Check the start & stop report
  • Record badge data of mobile employees
  • Monitor the speed of your vehicles
  • Keep track of the operating hours of machines
  • Automatic check-in via Checkinatwork

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The Traxgo Track and Trace system forwards all the data to a user-friendly software package using an M2M SIM card. Via this link, speeds, temperatures, routes, durations, badges, operating hours, etc. are recorded. The data are accessible via our Traxgo platform. Everything is visually represented on this platform. Maps, reports, diagrams, etc. can be easily viewed. Our portal is accessible anywhere and at any time. So you do not need to install any software on a local computer.


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