Accurately map locations of containers with tracking

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Mapping location of containers with trackingOur smart track-and-trace applications allow companies to map the locations of their containers in a highly efficient manner. Location tracking goes beyond optimising container usage. It also provides reliable protection against unwanted movements.

Operation of Robust track-and-trace hardware

One variant of our robust types of hardware is 100% watertight and operates completely autonomously using an internal battery. So container tracking is possible even in challenging or less than obvious situations. This means there are countless uses for our container trackers in many different sectors. For example, port companies, construction companies, waste processing companies, etc. Many companies currently use our track-and-trace applications today.

Reliable partner for locating containers

Are you looking for a suitable partner to track your containers? Traxgo has some 20 years of experience, which means that we are highly experienced. We listen carefully to our customers needs and then provide them with the optimal solution based on our experience. It’s no wonder we have become the reference within the track-and-trace sector in Belgium. You can rely on our expertise to track your valuable containers. Feel free to inquire about what options are available. Here are a few of the advantages of using our products:

  • A map clearly identifying the locations of your containers
  • Increase security with automatic alarm messages
  • Respond immediately to any unauthorised movement
  • Save time and money through simpler administration
  • Work in comfort with our user-friendly software

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