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Compare driving behavior of employees

Compare driving behavior of employeesIt is important for fleet management that companies can compare the driving behavior of their employees in real time, which is possible with an efficient vehicle tracking system.

Thanks to a GPS tracker, the actions or maneuvers of your employees on the track are individually measured. Based on the registered data, fleet management can analyze their driving behavior and make adjustments where desired.

Registered data

Using the track-and-trace system, a wealth of valuable analytical data is collected, which can be easily compared afterwards with the necessary software. Some examples of the information that could be consulted:

  • Speed
  • Brake
  • Pull up
  • Cornering
  • Rpm


Using the right tools to monitor, follow up and compare the driving behavior of employees offers many interesting advantages. And not only for your company, but also for the employees themselves. For example, ecodriving or economical driving leads to a lot fewer accidents, fuel savings and lower insurance costs. In short, a win-win for everyone. If you would like detailed information about the many possibilities of our tracking systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our employees have a lot of expertise and will be happy to help you. A demo of our software is also possible.

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