Real-time online temperature monitoring for refrigerated transport

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Check the temperatures of your goods remotely

Temperature recording and monitoringHow does remote temperature monitoring work?

A temperature sensor is mounted in the refrigerated area, which is continuously connected to the GPS tracker. The temperature is checked regularly in real time, ensuring that your goods are always kept at the desired temperature. Should an abnormal value nevertheless be detected, you are sent an alarm notification immediately, allowing you to respond instantly and efficiently, thus preventing any possible loss or damage.

Advantages for you:

  • You can be assured of 100% security due to full compliance with HACCP standards.
  • Our instant alarm notifications ensure that damage is prevented to the greatest extent possible, as is any loss of time or money.
  • Since all the data you have recorded is retained for 365 days, you can be assured of maximum convenience and security.
  • Our paperless data policy ensures convenience, time savings, and respect for the environment.

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Temperature is the most crucial and delicate factor to take into consideration when shipping food products

During the transport of food, the temperature must be closely monitored. It is, of course, the responsibility of the carrier to make every effort to prevent damage to these goods. That is precisely why full compliance with HACCP standards is of vital importance! The choice for a system in which registration is fully automatic is therefore an obvious choice.

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