Keep an eye on running hours, location and maintenance of your machines.

Our solutions

Keep an eye on your machines in real time and from anywhere

Track and Trace - Real time tracking of machinesA Traxgo Track and Trace System is installed in your machine. This communicates the location and operating hours of the machine on a regular basis. These data are forwarded to the Traxgo platform, where you can view all the data. You will see a clear overview of the data on a map and in the form of reports. In this way, you can monitor, manage and if you wish, shut down your machines at any time.

Traxgo provides Track and Trace in your mobile immobiliser. All the data are directly forwarded via a link with Copro.

Advantages for you

  • With this simple tool, you can monitor the operating hours of all your machines
  • You will also receive a notification if a particular machine requires servicing
  • In case of any unwanted movements, you can immediately intervene thanks to an engine immobiliser system. This leads to increased security.
  • Keeping a record of your operating hours leads to higher profits, lower costs and allows you to easily manage your machinery

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Talk to your insurer about lowering your insurance premium, based on the fact that you have a Traxgo Track and Trace system in all your machines.


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