Software mobile employees boosts productivity

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Software helps mobile employees boost their productivityOur TraxOne planning tool is the ideal software for companies with multiple mobile employees. Managing people on the road efficiently is a skill. The person responsible for planning in the office must have the necessary skills, and the software used must be sufficiently flexible to allow you to switch gears quickly. TraxOne allows you to manage a schedule in a very user-friendly way. Thanks to the linked mobile app, employees on the road see the tasks to be carried out on their smartphones every day.

Added value of our TraxOne software

An undeniable advantage of our smart planning software is the direct link with track-and-trace systems. This allows your employee in the office to compare the real-time situation with the prepared schedule. Not only does this allow proactive action to be taken when a task unexpectedly runs late, or traffic jams on the road throw a spanner in the works, but urgent tasks can also be passed on to a nearby employee. The planner in the office always has an up-to-date overview of where mobile employees are.

Powerful software for mobile employees

Our planning software helps SMEs optimise their processes and thus save time and money. The direct link with track-and-trace and the use of the mobile app ensure that our TraxOne software does much more than just planning. It’s an extremely powerful work tool because your mobile employees can access tasks via the software on their smartphone, register their working hours and provide relevant feedback. It allows them to work more smoothly and comfortably, which will increase their productivity.

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