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Modular software solution to optimize business processesTake the management and planning of your projects to an even higher level. You have a complete overview of the various current and/or completed tasks, their current status, the feasibility of deadlines, whether or not sufficient resources are available, etc. at a glance. All this lets you provide your customer with clear and transparent info. TraxOne makes the difference in your operational planning, processing with almost paperless invoicing, and the direct communication with your customers and your employees.

How do you work with the planning software?

Business software TraxOne planning and follow-up

Planning and follow-up

Tasks for external employees can be scheduled very easily via intuitive, user-friendly screens. A link with track-and-trace information provides you with an overview of the real-time situation in the office at all times, due to which adjustments can be made very quickly if so required.

Business software TraxOne on site

On site

Your external employees can see the scheduled tasks on their smartphone or tablet. Working hours can be recorded digitally, your customers sign off after the works have been carried out.

Business software TraxOne invoicing


Finished tasks are neatly & conveniently listed by the system and can then be invoiced easily. TraxOne not only eliminates stress altogether, but saves you a lot of time as well as money!

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10 reasons to choose TraxOne as your planning software

  1. TraxOne is a fully modular solution
  2. Direct coupling with track & trace is possible
  3. Works independently of the platform on all systems
  4. Own app for mobile devices
  5. Pay only for what you actually use
  6. Expansions tailored to the company are possible
  7. Your external staff can work more efficiently
  8. We have our own team of developers
  9. Can be linked to existing packages
  10. Improving employee comfort

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