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- Real Internet Solutions (RIS) focuses on developing and offering business software to the private sector and specific software for government authorities (police, fire service).

- As a specialised partner, Traxgo offers its platform for the real-time collection, storage, and processing of mobile data on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

To meet the demands of the quickly evolving technological environment, Traxgo has emphasised its ambitions for growth by integrating the Real Internet Solutions (RIS) business software into its core activities.

This integration will allow Traxgo to offer its customers a unique, comprehensive solution.

Hardware applications collect data on Traxgo’s own Trackerweb platform. The integration of RIS makes it possible to further process all information via modular business software in line with the customer’s needs. The activities have been fully integrated into Traxgo. This will guarantee the continuity and stability of both companies’ customer database.

Kurt Ghekiere, RIS Director, will be adding his skills to the team as the sales & business development manager software. He and Bart Cappon, manager, Frederik Depuydt, sales & business development manager tracking and monitoring, and Rudy Vuylsteke, consultant, are the management team.

By integrating the RIS employees, the Traxgo team will grow by 16 employees with, at the operational level, its own software developers, own service engineers, and own customer service, supported by internal marketing, sales, and administration.

Kurt Ghekiere: “Traxgo’s tracking and monitoring and the RIS business software are a logical expansion of our service provision and strengthen the offer of a unique, comprehensive solution to all our customers.”

Rudy Vuylsteke: “Our organisational structure, our approach to marketing, sales, and service, and our technical know-how are the key factors to grow quickly under the banner of the corporate values of focus on results, service provision, and respect.”