Mileage recording

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Mileage recording

Benefits of automatic mileage recording

Thanks to automatic mileage recording, you know exactly where your vehicles are, how many kilometres they have travelled and for how long they have been travelling.  Automatic mileage recording is often used for increased efficiency: all mileage and travel times are accurate and recorded in real-time. 

In addition to these benefits, automatic mileage recording offers many other advantages:

  • By recording your mileage, you know when you need to be service your vehicle. In addition, you can also keep track of when your vehicle needs to undergo inspection, when your insurance and leasing contract expires, etc.
  • A distinction is made between journeys undertaken for professional or private purposes, which is useful for your tax administration. Also the routes, speeds and other driving behaviour such as the use of the brakes are monitored, so that you can encourage your employees to drive economically and in an environment-friendly manner. This is an advantage in terms of fuel consumption and wear.
  • Finally, an automatic mileage recording will save you a lot of time. All the administration is done automatically for you. You can easily consult and download an overview of the data online. Our mileage recording is also very easy to work with.

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