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Keep an eye on your mileage

Mileage recording and monitoring: online registration system for your fleet

Easy, reliable and accurate mileage registration with Traxgo software.

Does your staff have to travel a lot of kilometers during work? Then opt for the convenience of automatic mileage tracking! Our user-friendly software ensures that all information relating to mileage reimbursement is easily and efficiently maintained. You will receive a clear overview, which will make your administration run much more smoothly.

With mileage registration, the data is processed automatically, which ensures an accurate and reliable calculation of the kilometers traveled by your employees.

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Mileage tracking can always be consulted

You can request the mileage registration at any time. This will therefore save you a lot of time and work on administration. With our software you can view the routes of your vehicles: you can follow them by positions or play the complete routes. This way you are always aware of the location of your vehicles and employees.

Clear and visual

With our fleet management software you can keep track of standard data such as maintenance, inspections and insurance. It gives you a clear and convenient overview. The kilometers driven are registered via the Traxgo Track and Trace system and forwarded to the server. On our Traxgo platform you can visualize this data on a map or in a table.

Advantages of mileage tracking

  • Ideal check for mileage tax
  • No loss of time due to the filling up of forms
  • 24-hour data availability 
  • Closing mileage record for the tax declaration
  • Transport costs can be immediately and accurately charged through

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