Online time registration system for internal and external service

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Your personnel administration can be done at a single glance

Time recording - Online time registration systemThe Traxgo Track and Trace system records the movements and attendance of your field employees. You do not need to keep track of the hours yourself. The employee checks in at work via a badge module. All the data are automatically displayed in real time on the Traxgo platform. You can choose which report or list you want to view.

Advantages for you

  • The Traxgo system generates enormous time savings. Co-workers no longer need to pass on hours worked, analyse work orders or figure out complicated salary slips
  • You are always assured of correctly recorded hours and mileage
  • Simple calculation of mileage allowance and salaries
  • You have an overview of the hours worked and movements made
  • Ideal tool for accurately charging through costs

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Always up to date with time registration

Time registration using the Traxgo track-and-trace system not only makes your administration a lot easier, but also ensures that a lot less time is lost: it is no longer necessary for employees to manually track and report their hours, Parsing paper work orders is a thing of the past, ... With our reliable time registration system, you as an employer are always aware of the working hours performed and kilometers traveled by your employees.


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