Track-and-trace as security against van theft

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Track-and-trace as security against van theftMore and more alarming reports of stolen vans appear in the media, and it seems that this is a real plague. A lot of suffering can be prevented with a few simple tips: always park the vans in plain sight, preferably in a secure location, never leave them unlocked, etc. However, this does not entirely rule out the possibility that one of your vans will be stolen. As a business owner, your hands are tied without a security system. After spreading the word via your network, social media and various other channels, you can only hope that the vehicle will be spotted sooner or later.

Tracking system as security against van theft

Are the vans in your fleet fortunately equipped with a Traxgo track-and-trace solution? In that case, the tracking system now proves its worth as anti-theft protection. With our efficient tracking system, you can track down the stolen vehicle regardless of its location. Our solution is unbeatable as an extra security measure in case of theft; this has already been proven several times in practice. We have already located and recovered many stolen vehicles for our customers.

Discover all the solutions we can offer regarding real-time vehicle tracking. Do you have additional questions about our track-and-trace systems or exactly how they can be used in your fleet or company? Do not hesitate to contact us; our experienced staff has a lot of expertise in the field and will be pleased to help you.

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Traxgo is one of the top companies active in tracking & tracing. And as a specialised and ISO-certified partner, Traxgo offers a unique total package for optimising business processes with a platform to collect real-time information, on the one hand, and by offering business software to give the customer insight and to support cost savings, on the other hand.


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