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Keep an eye on your vehicles in real time and from anywhere

Tracking of vehicles with Traxgo track & Trace systems

A GPS Tracker installed in your vehicle regularly forwards important data about the vehicle, such as its location, speed, etc., via a GPRS/GSM link to a server. Your data are processed on this secure server. As a customer, you can log into our completely secure Traxgo platform. You will see a clear overview of the data on a map and in the form of reports. In this way, you can track and manage your vehicles at all times.

Advantages for you

  • Known start/stop times in combination with mileage information make your personnel administration ultra-simple
  • In this way, you never pay excessive expenses and you have proper control over staff productivity
  • Thanks to real-time records, you can immediately respond to the situation and you can visualise the routes taken. You can see the working day of a mobile employee in full detail on a map
  • In case of any unwanted movements, you can immediately intervene thanks to an engine immobiliser system. This leads to increased security.
  • It is possible to control the temperature
  • Via CAN bus links, you have access to concrete information about your vehicles, such as fuel levels and speed, etc.
  • You can benefit from huge time savings



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