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The benefits of a track & trace system in the leasing sector

Track & Trace | Leasing sector | Leasing car | Traxgo

Using a track & trace system in the leasing sector, each vehicle can be closely monitored. In this way, mileage and the like can be tracked. In addition, theft can also be avoided. You will never lose sight of your vehicle again.

Tracking for shortlease and longlease

A car requires maintenance on a regular basis, both when used in short lease (short term, usually 2 to 24 months) and in long lease (longer term). Using track & trace systems for a lease car, it is possible to report in good time that it is time for an inspection. As a result, even unnecessary expenses can be avoided. In addition to a notification for maintenance, the track & trace system in the lease car can also provide you with an update on the parameters you have entered. If you want to know more about the mileage, this is simply displayed in a table and you can view it at any time.

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Track & trace systems in leasing cars offer you more control

Track & Trace | Leasing sector | Leasing car | Traxgo

The use of leased cars is often difficult to monitor. Of course, a company car is not only used to drive to the office. But the car must not be misused either. With a track & trace system in the lease car you can easily monitor the driving behavior of your employees. Of course we make sure that the privacy of the employees is not violated as a result.

Track & trace systems in the leasing sector therefore ensure that you can monitor your employees. Through this check you can ensure that the costs for maintenance and repairs, for example, decrease. In addition, you also have more control over your vehicles. The risks of damage that cannot be explained or mileage fraud will decrease. All data is stored carefully and clearly. Whether you are active in shortlease or longlease, in this way you get a clear overview of all your vehicles.

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