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Save money with kilometre recording

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Save costs with mileage recording

  • Easy to administerRittenregistratie

If you consider all the hours lost on administration, this amounts to a large cost. Suppose you visit 10 addresses per day and lose 1 minute at each address on administration. This adds up to a total of 10 minutes per day. After 50 weeks (250 days), you have already lost 2500 minutes (41.6 hours).

And this is only the time you lose with one vehicle. Moreover, if you take into account possible errors in the mileage recording, this may involve a considerably large amount.

You are also obliged to take various matters into account for mileage recording. If the administration does not meet all requirements, this can lead to high penalties.

  • Watertight

If the mileage recording is not watertight, this can also result in high penalties. Things may be easily overlooked if mileage records are maintained manually. Automatic mileage recording is the ideal solution. What’s more, you are assured of an error-free recording and processing of the data. Do you want more information about our automatic mileage recording solution? Please leave us your details via our contact form, so that we can get in touch with you.


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