Your partner for track-and-trace in France

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Your partner for track-and-trace in FranceWe are constantly expanding our operating radius in Europe as part of our growth strategy. Having already anchored ourselves firmly in the Netherlands, we are now expanding our operations in France as well. Although our service technicians only have to cover a relatively limited area each day in Belgium, the vast expanse of our neighbouring country makes it a logistical challenge that cannot be underestimated, particularly when executing on-site installations. There was a pressing need for a solid solution that would enable us to continue meeting the increasing demand for our tracking applications.

On-site assemblies in France

Thanks to certain strategic decisions, we are now able to count on a strong regional network that provides assemblies at the local level to our French customers as well, from Pas-de-Calais in the far north to Pyrénées-Orientales deep in the South. This enables companies in our southern neighbourhood to benefit from our reliable track-and-trace applications without any problem. It may be clear that location is no longer a limitation to our ambitions ... To be continued.

Specialised track-and-trace partner

Are you operating in France and looking for a suitable partner for track-and-trace applications? Please contact us free of obligations - we would be happy to discuss the various options with you. Traxgo is among the top companies active in tracking & tracing and has accumulated a great deal of relevant expertise over the years. As a specialised and ISO-certified partner, our efficient track-and-trace applications help numerous companies save time and money by optimising their fleet management.

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