Fleet management optimisation with tracking

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Enhance your fleet management efficiency with our intelligent track-and-trace applications. With more than 20 years of industry experience, we perfectly understand the needs of today’s fleet managers. It all starts with the installation of our compact hardware, a prime example of technology resulting from our intensive research and development approach. These smart devices are fitted into your vehicles and transmit vital real-time information via a secure connection. On the central platform, you can glance at all your fleet’s different parameters. We also provide a range of user-friendly tools and reports to further refine your fleet management.

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Using real-time tracking for fleet management

Whether you’re in the rental or construction sector, have a small or large fleet, or it consists of cars or machinery, our various applications are designed with one goal in mind: to help save your business time and money. We’ve listed some commonly used applications for you below.

Tracking van voertuigen, machines en materialen helpt bij het beheer van uw vlootVehicles, machinery and equipment tracking

Our advanced GPS tracking system regularly sends out location updates. As a customer, you can log into our 100% secure platform, accessible 24/7. This allows you to track and manage your vehicles, machinery and equipment at all times. You can visualise routes travelled and immediately respond to any situations. Various smart extensions can further enhance your operations: immobilisers, temperature sensors, etc.


Wagenparkbeheer: kilometer- of ritregistratiesysteemMileage or trip recording system

Keep track of the miles driven by your fleet with our reliable mileage registration. Our software ensures you always know the exact location of your fleet’s vehicles, the distance they’ve covered, and how long they’ve been on the road. Since speeds and other driving behaviours (e.g. braking) can also be recorded, you can encourage your employees to drive more economically and ecologically when necessary.


Controlesysteem voor bandenspanningTyre pressure monitoring system

Many vehicles drive around with the wrong tyre pressure, even though it’s crucial for it to always be correct. The Traxgo tyre pressure monitoring system continuously measures the pressure and temperature of all your vehicles’ tyres and transmits this information to the Traxgo platform. This provides you with real-time information about the status of your tyres and any irregularities are detected immediately.


Draaiuren van machines registrerenMachine operating hours registration

This application simplifies the recording of your machinery’s operating hours. The data is automatically sent to our central platform. Using our intuitive Traxgo software, you can consult and analyse the collected information 24/7 in a very simple and quick manner through graphs and reports, allowing you to monitor the usage of your machines in detail.


Remote uitlezen van digitale tachografen helpt u bij uw wagenparkbeheerRemote reading of digital tachographs

An efficient reading system that enables the remote and fully automated reading of your digital tachographs. The available DDD files are read by our system - from both the tachograph and the driver’s card - and stored centrally on our secure platform for the legal duration. You therefore also avoid fines as the tachographs are always read on time.

The applications described here are just a small selection from the range we offer to assist our clients in managing their fleets every day. If you’re looking for a specific solution that can simplify your fleet management or elevate its operation, please feel free to contact us without obligation. We have a wealth of expertise and are keen to listen to your needs.

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