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Keep an eye on your equipment in real time and from anywhere

Tracking of equipment - Container tracking TraxgoUsing BT technology, you can see at a glance where your equipment is located - and this is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The equipment is fitted with a small tag. The tags are linked to a Traxgo Track and Trace system, which automatically and immediately communicates their position. In this way, the BT tracking tag helps locate your equipment on a map.

We assist you in keeping track of construction material, scaffolds, concrete mixers, circular saws, containers, mobile toilets, road signs, cranes, construction lifts, silos, trailers and much more.

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Real-time tracking systems

Tracking of material logically leads to better material management. The application is rightfully gaining popularity. Today, there are technologically advanced systems that automate the tracking and management of material. Tracking of material is simply becoming an indispensable part for companies. Consider, for example, the tracing of valuable building material on construction sites, such as expensive machines. Construction companies then know exactly where their material is located.

Traxgo's tracking systems allow you to get an overview at a glance, anytime, anywhere. A smart monitoring solution like this one from Traxgo collects all relevant information about your material automatically and in real time. In this way you can work more efficiently and save a lot of administrative work. Moreover, communication about this with customers and employees is also much more accurate and smoother. You can consult a real-time overview at any time via our digital platform.

Advantages of equipment tracking

  • Time and money saved thanks to less administration
  • Security due to accurate positioning information
  • Comfort, thanks to the user-friendly and convenient recording method
  • An overview of all your equipment. The BT tag makes your work much more pleasant

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