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All FMS data from your transport fleet collected in one place

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FMS interface to read data from trucksAn FMS connection allows specific data that is recorded as standard in trucks to be read, such as fuel consumption, speed, driving times, etc. To this end, several major truck manufacturers (including Volvo, DAF Trucks, Scania, etc.) agreed on a European standard for communication, so that it became possible for suppliers of fleet management systems to use this data in centralized and brand-independent applications. This offers transport fleet managers the opportunity to monitor their trucks even more efficiently, as they have a clear view of all the different parameters in one place.

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Link track-and-trace hardware to FMS

As a specialized track-and-trace company with an eye for innovation, it goes without saying that our smart track-and-trace hardware can easily be linked to this FMS interface. For example, the available FMS data from trucks of different brands is transmitted in real-time to our central platform, which can be consulted 24/7. This allows our customers to take actions based on concrete and relevant information to further optimize the operation of their fleet.

Why choose Traxgo?

We have been active in the track-and-trace sector for over 20 years and therefore have a lot of relevant experience and expertise. Traxgo is one of the top companies in Belgium active in tracking & tracing and, as an ISO-certified partner, offers a unique total package for optimizing business processes, on the one hand with a platform for collecting information in real-time, on the other hand by offering business software to provide customer insight and support cost savings. Are you interested in our applications? Please contact us without obligation, we will be happy to discuss how we can help you save time and money.

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