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Track and Trace car rental

Optimal theft protection of your vans: a track and trace system for car rentalThe rental of vans often causes logistical problems. Rental companies don't always know where their vans are. It also sometimes happens that vehicles are returned late or not returned, maintenance is carried out too late . Track and trace for car rental is an answer to these kinds of problems.

Keep an eye on your vans thanks to Traxgo

Would you like to know the location of your rented vans?

Thanks to our Track and Trace solutions, you can track any van wherever and whenever you want. With the help of a clear map you know exactly where your vans are located.

In addition, you can choose to install an alarm and anti-theft lock on your vans. This way you can always track, manage and shut down your vans if necessary. Traxgo is a reliable partner when it comes to theft protection of vans. The Track and Trace solutions for car rental offer many possibilities.

Tracking of vehicles

Benefits Track and Trace car rental

  • location determination - always know where your vans are;
  • quick solution - request the necessary information anytime, anywhere;
  • van theft protection - alarms, immobilizers and real-time monitoring ensure perfect control;
  • burden of proof - knowledge of who drove your vans in the event of damage;

The management and maintenance of your fleet

Managing a fleet is complicated. It is impossible to be everywhere in every van at any time of the day. But you can know where your vans are in real time at any time of the day.

With our smart solutions, you get all the information you need to efficiently manage and maintain your fleet.

You can also keep an eye on the driving behavior of your tenants.

Mileage recording

Monitoring operating hours

With the Traxgo solutions you can keep track of the running hours of your vans on the online Traxgo platform. On that platform you can view all data at a glance. The Traxgo platform is the ideal tool for invoicing and optimizing your vans. The platform automatically notifies you when maintenance is required.

Tracking of machines

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