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System for tracking vehicles, machines and materials via geolocation

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Accurate tracking with geolocation

Geolocation system for accurate tracking of vehicles, machines and materialsA geolocation system allows you to determine the location of your vehicles, machines and materials very accurately. A piece of hardware is placed in the vehicle, a so-called GPS tracker, which basically sends the coordinates to the central platform. This allows us to show you the position on a map 24/24 via a user-friendly interface. Whether it concerns passenger cars, vans or trucks, thanks to our efficient geolocation system you will never lose sight of your vehicles again.

More than an average geolocation system

As we indicated above, the track-and-trace hardware transmits basic data regarding the location. But there are of course many more possibilities. A lot of other information can also be forwarded, processed and consulted by you. Think for example tire pressure, fuel level, speed, cargo temperature, etc. All this allows you to monitor your vehicles, machines or materials in detail remotely, 24/7. At a single glance you have an accurate picture of your entire fleet or machine park.

Optimize your daily operations

But with our tracking systems we can go much further. For example, a link can be made with an engine immobilizer, which allows you to remotely switch off vehicles and machines with a simple push of a button. Or another scenario: you ensure that movements or operations are only possible within a demarcated zone by people who are authorized to do so. The geolocation system thus becomes a solid basis for a whole range of options that help you improve the operational functioning of your company and thus save time and money every day.

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