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Personnel management software (HR)

Employees undoubtedly contribute to the success of your company. Therefore, align your HR management to the wishes and needs of your company and its employees, to the extent possible. There must be enough employees in each department and the workforce must have the right skills. But of course personnel management goes much further than this. Personnel management also includes motivating, coaching and training employees, apart from good personnel administration.

We can therefore state that personnel management is an extensive task for an organisation. Who does what, where and when? This involves many administrative processes. Especially when large parts of personnel management are not automated.

Investing a lot of time and effort in personnel management, for example, is basically a ‘problem’. Purely because options are available for making this run much faster and more efficiently. After all, automation of these systems is the way to go. Automatic registration of who does what, where and when results in a very attractive overview.

TraxOne effortlessly achieves this goal. We make it possible for organisations to centralise the entire personnel management process in one location. So you always know who is where and what that person is doing. It immediately takes personnel administration to a higher level.

Modular software solution to optimize business processesThe benefits of TraxOne in personnel management (HR)

Using TraxOne within your organisation offers many advantages. Personnel management will undoubtedly receive a positive boost. Especially in areas such as:

  • Communication with customers: With TraxOne, for example, you can very easily schedule certain technicians or other employees for a customer. The customer will then be immediately notified of their arrival. Instead of first having to go through an entire process, your customers get what they want very quickly.
  • Communication with personnel themselves: TraxOne also makes it possible for you to maintain close contact with your own employees. They will be able to access support via their smartphone or tablet. It minimises the communication needed to make effective decisions. All information between customer, office and technician is streamlined.
  • Tailor-made personnel management: Do you think this personnel software will be too generalised? If so, this would be a misconception. The software is fully compatible with your HR department, and customisation is certainly possible. For example, we have a support team for the software which will work with you to personalise the software for you. Therefore your specific wishes will also be implemented, if so required.

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