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An important part of sales management is - logically speaking - to keep track of every aspect of your sales. This sounds like a general statement, but that doesn’t make it any less true. It is a well-known fact that sales management involves a great deal of work. Examples include sales registration, invoicing and the related communication with customers. It is often difficult to integrate all this in a well-organised manner.

A total solution like TraxOne offers a solution to this issue. This solution integrates all processes in such a manner that the entire sales management is immediately clear. Everything related to sales management can be found in one location. This prevents ambiguities, misunderstandings and poor administration.

Therefore more and better sales! Neat quotes, clear reviews, good sales: your company cannot do without them. The sales management module in our ERP software allows you to manage your sales team efficiently. You always know exactly how much you have already sold and what you are selling now. The system allows various delivery methods to be applied (e.g. drop shipping).

Modular software solution to optimize business processesAdvantages of TraxOne in sales management

We would like to discuss the advantages of the TraxOne software with you, to help clearly understand why it offers such a total sales solution in practice. These are the advantages that convince many TraxOne users of the qualities of this software:

  • Always accessible, even via the app: TraxOne is always accessible, even via an app. Special attention has been paid to creating an app that contains all the functionalities. This ensures that you can always access TraxOne from your smartphone. The app shows everything in a clearly understandable manner. This is the software of the future.
  • Achieve higher margins: TraxOne allows you to achieve higher margins. This is essentially achieved by reducing the need for different systems. Employees can also work with greater efficiency when everything is arranged on one platform. It is much easier to see what is happening within the company. This results in major cost savings. Needless to say, this ultimately leads to higher margins.
  • Minimising loss of time spent communicating: Another important feature of TraxOne is that it improves communication within an organisation. A system, in which different locations use different systems, is always prone to problems. Some people understand one part of a sales process, while for example others are responsible for all the administration. This leads to delays in sales management. TraxOne ensures direct and clear communication, and thereby minimises interaction.

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